Netuitive releases v6.0!

The entire team at Netuitive has been working for the better part of 2years, a monumental effort.... Go Netuitive!

Troubleshooting automounting itouch/ipod in unbuntu

Tried plugging in my itouch today and ... nothing. Poking around the forums, and yes! there is an issue with Ubuntu (notably, ifuse or libmedia etc..) and iOS 4.2.x - anywho if you are curious about whether your computer is doing anything when you plug in the device (any device I presume), run this:

shell~$ /usr/lib/gvfs/gvfs-afc-volume-monitor
Volume monitor alive
creating volume for device uuid '8881b5aba8c34804d78ce77672d31340dc997aae'
GNUTLS ERROR: A TLS fatal alert has been received.
usbmuxd_send: Error -1 when sending: Broken pipe

Nice! Some kind of SSL/TLS issue w/com, anyway, atleast I know it's doing "something" :)

ok, install libimobiledevice-utils

sudo apt-get install libimobiledevice-utils

make sure you have the latest libimobiledevice and usbmuxd libs and:

idevicepair unpair
idevicepair pair
idevicepair validate

now you should be good to go

Groovy - DSLs

Groovy has been a great catalyst for the DSL (Domain Specific Language) rush. Further, in Groovy 1.8, the team has done even more to make sentences like this:

please show the square_root of 100

actually return 10.0

Huh? How? that can't possibly be code right? this is the groovy code which defines the DSL above:

show = { println it }

Finding just the unread e-mails in any folder in outlook

I get sooooo many e-mails in a given day, week, month that some just slip through. I do use the "unread" status as sort of a way to go back and retrieve those e-mails which still require follow up. A nifty (and easy) way I just found to get all the e-mails with Outlook 2007 is enter 'read:false' into the search box that appears at the top of your e-mail list.

Gnome application mapping defaults and user overrides

Gnome splits the settings for default application in system-wide and user specific settings. System wide application assignments can be found in /etc/gnome/defaults.list. User specific files are located in ~/.local/share/applications. If you make changes to this files execute 'update-desktop-database' as user root to apply changes.

Using the file browser Nautilus makes the process easy:

  • Select a file and choose Properties.
  • Go to tab "Open with"
  • Choose a gnome suggested program from list or add a new one by using the Add button.

Ganymede - Eclipse 3.4

This is how I am feeling today dealing with Ganymede Eclipse 3.4

originally found here:

Perl Basics

  • using glob - this example will print out all *.pl files
    #!/usr/bin/perl -w
    use strict;
    while(glob("*.pl")) {

Desktop Tower Defense

Do you like strategy games? If so, head on over to Desktop Tower Defense.

From the site: Desktop TD is a fun flash based puzzle / strategy game where you have to protect your desktop from invaders by spending money on attacking pieces and building a maze for them to follow. A strangely addictive yet stress relieving game... how many levels can you survive?

It's a great game, check it out!

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